My Mind Is My Own

I am an aspiring writer, I enjoy watching Supernatural.

Note #1:Please drop me a line before you friend me. Let me know who you are and why you would like to be friends. I'd like to get to know who's friending me.

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I love Jensen's smile, Jensen's eyes, Jensen's lips, Jensen's hair, Jensen's hands, Jensen's fingernails, Jensen's voice, Jensen's ability to act, Jensen's...everything. The same applies for Jared. So there will be no bashing of any kind to either of them found on this Journal:D

The exact same goes for Sam AND Dean, no bashing either of them. I AM most definitely a Dean/Jensen girl but come on. PUPPY EYES:D

Anything else you wanna know, you'll have to get to know me to find out.

Favorite Sayings: The only ASSHOLE you need is the one you WIPE.

Girls bite their nails and eat chocolate, boys punch each other and jerk off.

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.