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Sweet Home Texas: Part One

Title: Sweet Home Texas
Summary: Jared has everything he could ever want in his life, great job and he's getting married to the woman of his dreams, there is just one problem. His husband back in Texas.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer:This is based on the movie, Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas. It definitely has its similarities but I left some things out and changed some others, but not much. Oh, and I know its Texas but just pretend they can be married, okay. Okay.

Beta'd by my girl, tastyeyeliner. Thank you so much.

Posted in two parts, link to second part at the end of this part.



Jared awkwardly ran through the sand dune, trying his best to follow
Jensen. “Wait for me.”

“I am, if your legs weren’t so damn short you could keep up.”

He slowed down, breathing deeply. “Hey, one day I’ll be tall.”

Jensen smirked at him. “Sure, small fry.” He broke out into a run as
Jared began chasing him. Above them, thunder and lightning began
their gloomy dance and song.

As Jared just about caught up with Jensen a strike of lightning came
down close to them and Jensen tackled him to the ground. “You all

“Yeah.” Jared replied, looking up at Jensen with wide eyes. They stared
at one another for long moments before Jensen smiled.

“You better be tall one day, I’m not marrying someone shorter than

Before Jared could reply Jensen got up, dragging Jared with him over to
the ground where the lightning had hit.

They leaned over, staring at the ground. It was smoking and Jared
reached out to touch it but Jensen smacked his hand away. “Don’t
touch it you idiot, it’s hot.”

Jared stood up straight looking up at Jensen. “What do you want to
marry me for anyway?”

Jensen smiled down at Jared and said, “So I can kiss you anytime I
want.” Before leaning down and kissing Jared on the mouth.

New York


Jared Singer sat in one of New York’s most prestigious restaurants with
his girlfriend of three years, Sandra McCoy, having dinner.

“How’s your steak?” Sandra asked him looking up from her own plate of
coq au vin.

“Great, what about your uh..chicken?” He asked with a cheeky smile.

Sandra shook her head in dismay but with a smile on her face. She took
a sip of her wine before looking at him seriously.

“Do you remember my friend Chelsea? You met her, probably a couple
times and her boyfriend Dave?”

Jared tried to think real hard but he clearly had no idea who in the world
she was talking about. “Course I do.” He lied with an obvious smile.

She rolled her eyes as she continued, “Well Chelsea phoned me today,
and they’re getting engaged.” Sandra was obviously excited as her eyes
lit up.

“Wow, that’s great. Good for them.” Jared went back to cutting up his

“Isn’t it? I am so happy for her.” Sandra said beaming, she stared at
Jared for a minute before going back to her own dinner.

Jared put his utensils down. “Sandy.”

She immediately looked up at him with irritation on her face. “Sandra,
Jared, my name is Sandra. Please donít call me that.”

“I’m sorry baby, but...”

“And please, no pet nicknames, you know how I feel it demeans me and
our relationship, especially when we’re in public. I have a certain
reputation to uphold.”

Jared new all to well the reputation his girlfriend had, they had been
dating for three years. Sandy...Sandra was the senator of New York’s
daughter; she was smart, funny and cute but at a young age wanted to
be taken seriously. At only 26 he was CEO of a huge company that
made defense planes; his day was full of making very important

Jared understood the importance and did as Sandra asked, going out
with her in public when all he would rather do was stay in and cuddle
on the couch.

He reached across the table and took her hand in his. “I love you.”
The woman that smiled at him across the table was his Sandra. “I love
you too. I think we should get married.”

Jared sat back in his chair with shock written on his face. He never
would have thought Sandra would just come out and ask him. He
thought about it for a moment. He had a good life, and all he needed to
make it perfect was someone to share it with.

His face broke out into a grin. “Yes.”

Jared sat in his rental car driving down a piece of dirt road, passing
farms and cows on the side. He had been gone for nine years and had
almost forgotten the smell of cows roasting in the sun.

His cell phone beside him on the seat began to ring and he reached
over to pick it up. “Hello?”

“Where the hell are you? I threatened Chad to tell me but he swore he
had no idea.”

“He doesn’t, and you don’t want to know where I am either.” Jared
replied, wishing he were anywhere but where he was.

“Mr. Lane just told us the happy news. Congratulations man. I mean,
Chad and I are kind of upset that you didn’t tell us first.” Sandra didn’t
use her father’s last name, but her mother’s maiden name as a way to
keep herself out of the public eye. It didn’t always work.

Jared rolled his eyes, “Milo, you and Chad are not girls and the reason I
didn’t say anything is because we were suppose to be keeping it a
secret for a few days.”

Milo Ventimiglia was Jared’s associate and Chad Murray was Jared’s

Milo snorted. “You have met Sandra before haven’t you? You know who
her father is right? Seriously, where are you? You took the company’s
private jet and you didn’t tell me. You’re being all mysterious which is
totally not like you.”

Jared sighed, “I’m in Texas.”

“Oh my god.” Milo replied. “Is it to see...wait, did something happen to
your family?”

“They don’t know I’m coming.”

“So, it is to see him.” Milo asked carefully.

“I have to get the papers signed before I marry Sandy, and I’d rather do
that quietly and with none of the press knowing.”

“I’ll keep my mouth shut and won’t tell Chad a damn thing.”

Jared smiled even if it couldn’t be seen. “Thanks.”

Ten minutes later Jared was driving down a dirt road, coming up to an
old rundown cabin that had definitely seen better days. There was a
lake for a view that he gazed at as he parked behind a blue truck he
remembered all to well.
As he got out of his car he took a good, hard look at the house.
Shutters on the windows were falling off, paint was chipped and grimy,
shingles barely hanging on the roof; Jared shook his head. Except for
all that the house hadnít changed much. When he got closer to the
front door, the dog that had been lying down sat up and began barking
at him.

“Oh would you shut up?!” Came a voice, shutting the dog up

Jared watched with squinted eyes as Jensen Ackles came out from the
front door in all his Texas glory wearing faded blue jeans and a tight
yellow shirt, completely covered in grease. He looked older, a bit worse
for wear but still the same. He stopped beside the dog and stared at
Jared with a slightly intrigued look.

“How can I help you?”

Jared put his hands on his hips with an entirely pissy look on his face.
“You can get your stubborn ass down here and give me a divorce!”

Jensen’s mouth dropped and his eyes bugged out of his head. “Jared?”

“Who else would it be, you have another husband somewhere that
wants a divorce?”

Jensen looked down at the dog before lifting his eyes, walking slowly
towards Jared. “You come back here after nine years without so much
of a, ‘Hey Jensen remember me, your husband?’ Or a, ‘Hi hunny,
looking good, how’s the family?’

Jared took off his sunglasses looking Jensen up and down. “You expect
me to tell you that you look good? Did they run out of soap at the Sack
‘N Save since the last time I was here?”

That earned him a glare from Jensen who stopped about five feet in
front of him. “What are you doing here?”

“I need you to sign the divorce papers.” Jared replied, taking the papers
out of his briefcase on the hood of his car. He turned around to stare at
Jensen who was staring back at him silently.

“What? Speak!” That made the dog start barking all over again.

“Ever hear of a phone? Could have mailed them.”

Jared laughed, “Yeah, like I did all those times before. My lawyer billed
me every time you sent the papers back, unsigned.”

“Well you weren’t getting the message! You want a divorce from me you
come and ask for one!” Jensen’s voice was getting louder.

“Well I’m here now so sign the damn papers.”

Both turned towards the barking dog.

“Shut up, Sadie.” Jared yelled as Jensen yelled, “Shut up, Harley.”

Jared looked at Jensen with confusion. “Wait, Harley? What happened to

A cloud covered Jensenís face and he looked down, “She died. You
weren’t around, didn’t think you’d care anyway. You didn’t even
recognize that this is a different dog. Do your parents even know
you’re in town?”

Jared’s silence was answer enough.

“Get your ass back in your fancy car and go see them, then maybe weíll

As Jensen began walking away back to the house, Jared followed him
without question, the papers still sitting on the car.

“Look, I’m sorry for what happened to your dog, but I’ve got a life back
in New York that I would love to get back to. I know the only reason
you’re not signing these papers is ‘cause I asked you to, anyway.”

Jensen spun around on his heel and glared at Jared with contempt in his
eyes. “No, the only reason I ain’t signing the papers is ‘cause you’ve
turned into some hoity toity suit wearing son of a bitch, and I would
love nothing more than to piss you off.” And with that Jensen slammed
the door in Jared’s face.

“Jensen!” Jared yelled. He looked towards the lake at the dock, seeing a
boat tied up there. “What are you doing with Derek Sheperd’s boat
anyway?” Jared asked through the open window.

“That’s my business.” Jensen yelled back.

Jared stomped away and Jensen breathed a sigh of relief before running
towards the back door, jumping over the couch, and pushing it shut,
locking it quickly. He grabbed a beer out of the fridge and made his
way back to the TV room, seeing the front door open.

“Hey genius.” Jensen turned around to find Jared sitting at the table,
smiling smugly.

“Next time you want to lock someone out, make sure they don’t know
where the spare key is hidden.” Jared said, dangling the key from his

“Well you see, that’s the thing about hide-a-keys, it would be nice if
your husband told you where it was.”

Jared’s face softened. “I’m not your husband Jensen, I’m just the first
one that climbed in the back seat of your truck. Sign the papers so I
can leave.”

It wasn’t going to work. Jensen scratched the back of his head, staring
out into space. “No.” Then he stormed into his bedroom.

Fifteen minutes later Jensen came out of the bedroom, and Jared was
sitting on the couch waiting. “So, you’re a big company guy now?”

Jensen could hear the sirens approaching the house. Jared sighed, I’m a
CEO of a highly productive and environmentally important company.”

“Your mom told me you build airplanes for the war.”

“Defense airplanes.”

“Can you defend yourself in court?”

It was then that Jared saw the red sirens of the police car, “Oh my god
Jensen, you called the sheriff? You know that old maggot has it in for

Jared got up from the couch intending to make a run for it out the back
door, as the front door opened. “Well if it isn’t our own little rebel
without a cause. Jared Padalecki.”

Jared turned around shock written on his face as he looked at the
woman that stood in front of him in full uniform. “Jessica? Sweet little
Jessica Alba? You’re the new Sheriff?”

“Damn straight, so you better shove it with that sweet little Jessica
shit.” She smiled warmly, and reached up for a hug.

Jensen watched them with an unamused expression. “Jessica, Jessica,
can you please do your job here.”

Jessica looked over at Jensen with a smirk before turning back to Jared.
“Oh right. Now Jared, you canít just break into people’s houses, we
have laws around here.”

I didn’t break in, I used my own key.” To make his point he took it out
of his pocket. “I’m just here to get Jensen to sign one thing and then Iíll
be gone.”

Jessica followed Jared over to the table looking at the papers. “Now
what do we have here?”

“That is none of your concern.” Jensen tried to say.

But it was too late; Jessica was already looking at the divorce papers.
“Jensen, I thought you took care of this already.”

“I thought so too.”

Jared glared at him, “Obviously not.”

“You know Jensen, if you two are still married then legally this is still
his house too.” She looked up at Jared. “He didn’t hit you or nothin’ did

Jared looked thoughtfully at Jensen who glared at him before shaking
his head. “No. Jensen’s never hit me.”

Jessica looked between both of them. “You know, I don’t have a single
childhood memory that doesn’t include you two.”

Jensen rolled his eyes, “Jessica, memory lane is closed.”

“Yeah, you two have a whole lot of catching up to do, so I’m going to
let you boys get on with it.”

As Jessica began to head for the door, Jensen followed her. “I set you
up with your husband, you owe me one.”

“There is nothing I can do, the law is the law and he hasn’t done
anything against it.”

“I suppose shoplifting steaks is okay?” Jensen said as Jessica turned
back around to look at the both of them.

Jared ran into the room. “Hey! I was 17; I took ëem back and you know

“You remember that vandalism out at the stockyard.” Jensen pointed at
Jared. “Totally him.”

“Like I could tip a cow by myself at that age! I weighed like 100
pounds!î Jared replied glaring pointedly at Jensen.

Jessica had obviously had heard enough as she began to leave but
Jensen wasn’t done yet, opening his mouth as he leaned against the
wall. “Jessica, isn’t there some outstanding warrant for whoever
dumped your daddy’s tractor in the fishpond?”

Jared’s mouth dropped open, staring at Jensen in total betrayal.

Three hours later Jared sat beside his father in his truck after getting
bailed out of jail.

“So what were you in jail for this time?” Jeff asked.

Jared sighed, crossing his arms and staring out the window. “Jensen
and his big fat mouth. It was just a misunderstanding.”

“Like that wedding me and your momma paid for?”

Jared turned in his seat, his lips twisted in a grimace. “I would hardly
call that a wedding.”

Jeff peered over at his son. “He was nervous.”

“Dad, he was still drunk from the night before. He puked on my tux and
I had to go to the reception alone while he slept it off. You’re still
siding with him after all this time?”
“I am not siding with anyone. The boy has changed, is all I’m sayin’.”

“You act like he’s the son you never had. Is it because he played
football and I never had any desire to? Maybe you want to know what’s
new with me for a change.”

Jeff shrugged. “Okay, shoot.”

Jared paused. “I met somebody, and she’s a really great girl.”

“A girl?” Jeff asked, his eyebrows raised in what looked like shock.

“Yeah, a girl. I love her and I’m happy....really.”
Jeff parked the truck in the driveway of the house. He and Jared made
their way inside.

“Oh my baby.” Samantha hugged her son close. Jared stood back and
looked at both his parents. They really hadn’t changed that much. His
daddy still wore the same plaid shirt he remembered and his momma
still smelled like cookies, her long blond hair flowing down her back.

“You look tired. Are you tired? Are you hungry? I can make you
something to eat. You know what, I think itís the way you have your
hair now; makes you look tired but, at least you got rid of those god
awful bangs. You can see your beautiful face.” She wrapped Jared back
up in a smothering hug.

Jared tried to get out of his mother’s grasp. “Well, you guys certainly
changed the place didn’t you? I think the last time I was here the couch
use to be on the other side of the room.”

The house Jared remembered from his childhood hadn’t changed at all.
The family room and kitchen were divided but one big room, and there
was a hallway that led to the bedrooms. Wallpaper that was the exact
same from when they moved in and figurines on tables that hadnít
moved an inch, but everything was clean. His momma certainly hadnít
lost her touch.

“So you certainly have your priorities straight. Jensen, jail, then you
come home to see your momma.”

Jared had to refrain from rolling his eyes, “It was just unfinished
business, it was suppose to be quick. Besides, you can come visit me.
Lord knows Iíve given you enough chances.”

“Oh, that reminds me! I want to give you back those plane tickets.”
Samantha began to go into the other room and Jared followed her.

“Those were a gift, I want you to use them. Your dream was for me to
get out of here and be somebody. Now I am and I want to take care of
you both for a change, but you won’t let me. I found someone that
loves me, and I love her. We’re getting married.”

Samantha turned away from the drawer with wide eyes, “You’re getting
married? Ohhhhh.” She ran up to give her son a hug. “Jeff, sweetie, get
the bologna cake out of the icebox, we’re celebrating. I am so happy
for you! Tell me all about her!”

Jared was walking down the street in town, talking on his cell phone
with his lawyer. “How long does a contested divorce take?...No, I don’t
have 10 months, I barely even have ten days. I’m getting married in a
couple of months.”
While he was walking down the sidewalk a car began following him,
and the woman driving stuck her head out of the window. “Don’t see
the likes of you around these parts much.” Jared ignored the person
yelling at him. “Baby, you look fine in those jeans.”

“I have to call you back.” Jared hung up the cell phone with a frustrated
grunt and turned towards the car. “Listen, why don’t you just kiss
my...” When he saw who was in the car his face lit up. “Ass.”

The female got out of the car as Jared approached her. “Well then get in,
‘cause I don’t do that sort of thing out on the street.”

“I guess you were raised right then huh?” Jared replied, hugging the girl.
“How are you Alexis?”

“I’m good Jared, how about you? I never expected to see you around
here ever again.”

Jared sighed, “Neither did I. So, should I be careful talking to you? I’m
not going to get into trouble am I? ‘Cause I bruise easily.”

‘No, there’s no...guy.”

It took Jared a minute. “Oh...oh, ohhhhhh. Is there a...girl?”

Alexis smiled, embarrassed, looking down at the ground. “No, people
don’t really know. So are you in town for a while?”

“God I hope not, I’m just on my way to hit the bank.”

All of a sudden Alexis got a scared look on her face as she backed
away towards her car. “Then I better get out of here.”
Jared rolled his eyes. “Very funny.”

At the bank Jared ran into another familiar face, behind the desk.

“Kristin? Oh my god, you must have lost...”

“145 pounds, of course I lost most of it recently when I gave birth to
Tom Jr.” Kristin beamed, already getting the pictures out of her purse.

“Congratulations. So, you and Tom?”

“Three years now.” Kristin nodded.

“I noticed, you don’t have an ATM.”

Kristin shook her head, “No, Ross thinks it would slow down the whole
town and you loose personal interest with the customers.”

“That would be tragic.”

Kristin eyed him suspiciously. “Jessica said you and Jensen had quite
the reunion.”

“Something like that. Listen, I need to make a withdrawal, from my...”

“Joint account?” Kristin asked.

“My what?” Jared asked confused.

“Well you and Jensen are still married.”

Jared smiled at Kristin. “Yes, yes we are.”

Later that night when Jensen got home, his house was clean and dinner
was on the table. Harley was having a nap on the couch looking as
comfortable as could be.

Jared walked into the living room with an apron on, smiling innocently.
“Hey hunny, lookin’ good, how’s the family.”

“Where the hell is all my stuff?”

“What kind of husband would I be if I didn’t pick up after my husband?”
Jared asked, going back and forth from the kitchen.

“A normal one. I’m going to ask this one more time Jared, and I want a
straight answer. Where is the hide-a-key?”

Jared ignored him. “I had the sweetest chat with Jessica’s momma
about her tractor.” Jared said, his voice overlaid with an easy twang.

“Nice accent.” Jensen made his way into the kitchen, seeing all the
changes Jared had made. “Holy shit, what happened to the stove, and
where are all those little magnets I had over here?”

Jared came into the kitchen. “Don’t you like how I re-decorated? I tried
to pick out a new bed but there wasn’t much of a selection, I’ll just
have to order something from New York.”

Jensen passed Jared, leaving the kitchen with a beer in hand. “Whatever
blows up your skirt, you go right ahead and spend your money.”

“Oh, but sweetheart, I thought you said we should think of it as our

Jensen froze in mid-sip as Jared came to stand behind him. “Just a
guess, but I’m thinking the words ‘joint-checking’ are flashing in your
mind right now.”

Jensen turned slowly around to face him. “How much did you take?”

Jared smirked with mischief in his eyes. “All of it.”

You son of a bitch.” Jensen looked ready to hit something, face red and
fingers clenched.

Jared took his apron off. “You wanted a husband, you got a husband
buddy. What are you doing with all that cash, why don’t you invest it?”

“Get the hell out of my house.”

“Sign the papers and I’ll give it all back.” Jared handed Jensen the
papers. “Fine.” Jensen went to sit on the couch. “Give me the pen.”

Jared handed Jensen the pen. “What are you doing with all that cash
saved up anyway; you aren’t doing anything illegal are you?”

“So what if I am? None of your business. I don’t ask about your

Jared froze, body stiff with something akin to guilt.

“Who told you?”

Jensen glared at him. “Honey, just cause I talk slow doesn’t mean I’m

Jared looked away to the fireplace behind him and spotted the glass
statue they had found all those years ago when he was just twelve
during that storm. They had dug it up from the ground as soon as it
had cooled.

“I can’t believe you kept this after all these years. You know, most
people don’t even know lightning does that to sand.”

Jared turned back around staring at Jensen, who stared back. “No one
finds their soul mate when they’re fourteen, and you were only 12.
There’s no fun in that, right?”

“I guess.”

A smile came to Jensen’s face, “Oh you know what, Jay, I just
remembered, I got myself a hot date.” Jensen got up from the couch,
holding the divorce papers as he made his way to his bedroom. “You
don’t mind if I have my lawyer take a look at these do you?”

“What?” Jared watched in astonishment as Jensen went into his bedroom
before coming back out, Jensen in the middle of changing his shirt.
“I’m just a simple country boy. There are words in there I can’t even
pronounce, you might be trying to take me to the cleaners for all I

Jared snorted. “I don’t think I could. Please, just sign the papers.”

With his shirt half on, Jensen walked toward the door. “Later. Thanks
for stopping by.”

"Part Two"


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