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Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

I just finished this book and couldn't help but think about it afterwards. I have a goodreads account but I'm much to shy to post my review there so I'm doing it here, where no one will likely care what I had to say about it. But after writing this I couldn't just delete it.

Ray Bradbury is a strange writer. Sometimes its difficult for me to understand what he's going on about, but when I do understand what he's saying its beautiful and mesmerizing and ultimately inspiring. We don't know the name Ray Bradbury because he's like everyone else, we know who he is because he's different and the way he writes is unique. Its him and no one can take that away from him or his reader's.
I found this book enjoyable, eerie, and fascinating. An interesting premise that only this man could have written in such a memorable way. To me some of the passages don't make sense and I found it difficult to picture certain situations in my head. Other times I'm nodding in understanding not wanting to stop reading, while coming to some paragraphs I just have to skim.
This is a book that needs to be digested slowly after reading and in a way I want to reread it right now, but not really. I want to saviour what I've read and perhaps one day I will sit down and read it again.
I wish there had been a bit more of clear ending but the one given is as haunting as the rest of the book with just a hint of uplift to think that perhaps everything will be all right.

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